Welcome to website for the Guardsmen - MC!  Please bear with us while we get our website built so that we can provide you with better information.
The Guardsmen Motorcycle Club was formed in Eastern NC on November 10, 2013. We are an independent motorcycle club made up of active & veteran military personnel and like minded people to include civilians.  We are a club that will ride the land at our own free will and as an organization we will protect and exercise the 2nd Amendment. We uphold the constitution of this country with honor and integrity and our lifestyle shall not be infringed upon by any person or organization.

Guardsmen Motorcycle Club is not a pay for patch club and never will be. We are a motorcycle club and if you feel you meet the minimum requirements or have a question in regards to the requirements email us.  There is a prospect period, No Exceptions!

Guardsmen MC does not discriminate against any rider or their preference in motorcycle types or brand name.

We are small, however we were formed with Quality individuals and expect the same as we grow. 

For information -  All requests should be sent to:  Guardsmenmc@yahoo.com   

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